Thursday, April 30, 2009

No Idea what I am doing....

Huh, so my amazing beautiful and wonderful Jen has decided I should blog my way through Alaska! So now I shall attempt to do so....I arrived yesterday evening in Alaska after a very long airplane ride with Keano. She was surprisingly good, but I must say there is nothing fun about flying with a cat, except how their eyes look on drugs! I spent my first night just unpacking and getting to know a bot about my roommate Coco. Today I was off, and took advantage of having the time to explore a bit. I wandered around town, took some pics, picked up a comforter, and went on a short hike! It was great, I met a woman who is a pilot for Alaska Air who showed me some great trails. Other than that I am boring I had dinner and I start work in the AM so it is off to bed!

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